Stefanos Metaxas

Stefanos Metaxas is an emerging artist born in a Greek island fishing village. He became familiar with photography as art in a small darkroom in a converted church, where he realized his distaste for developing film. His hands dripping in chemicals, he looked to a crooked and un-worshipped cross towering above him and swore off the medium. Just as with all vows he made as a teenager, he broke it. As a student at the University of Pennsylvania, he was first seduced by the laziness of digital photography and was soon enamored once again by film. There he was exposed to the photographic masters whose work guide his own, and focused on his love/hate relationship with the beautiful and romanticized. Today, Stefanos has made himself at home in the tumultuous streets of Los Angeles and has been exhibited in LA, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Hangzhou, China.


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